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Everything depends on your application so please choose your videos, pictures and words wisely. Give it the time it needs and show us your best side. You can edit or delete your application at any time - it’s ok to be a perfectionist. Good luck!

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Who are you and what are you passionate about? Show us! Here you can submit up to 4 photos, 5MB each and in both JPG or PNG format.

Add a video from YouTube (recommended)

Here you can upload a video from YouTube where you tell us why you should join Polar (if you want to, if words are more your thing, that's okay too). Be creative and show us your personality! Meanwhile, we'll pop the popcorn.

Tell us about yourself

This isn’t a job application. Don’t just list your skills. We want to get to know the real you. And remember, you only have 350 characters, so keep your description short, sweet, and to the point.

Personal quote (optional)

If you had to describe yourself with a simple quote — what would that be? This is the place to make a great impression, leave a long-lasting impression and boil down what you're all about.

Your contribution (optional)

What’s your party trick? Or your best joke? Or maybe you’re the world’s expert on something weird and wonderful. Basically, how could you uplift your teammates’ spirits when times are tough? If you’ve got loads of skills and talents, then this is the place to share them. Don’t be shy!

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We know – or hope – you want a whole load of our products, but if you could pick just one from this list of 12, what would it be?

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Will be used to make your profile and share material a bit more personalized.

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Whether you're an Instagram fan or an avid Twitter user — share your social media channels here! It's a great way to spread your application and collect votes.

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If you joined any of our Classic events you can add them as badges to your profile.

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And last but not least

The Fjällräven Polar expedition is all about connecting people with each other and with nature in a mindful way. We want the competition to be as fair, inspiring and uplifting as the Polar event itself. That is why we want to remind you to keep a friendly tone towards other participants and to not misuse the voting system by tampering with it. Keep it positive and good luck to you all!

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