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COVID-19 outbreak

As you probably know, the World Health Organization (WHO) has officially named the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic, and over the past few weeks we have been monitoring the escalating situation comprehensively and evaluating the potential impact it has on our upcoming Polar event.
After careful consideration and deliberation with official representatives, doctors, international partners and staff, we have evaluated all options and come to the conclusion that we must postpone this year’s Polar event. We take the health of our participants and our staff very seriously and also choose to contribute in the prevention of any further spreading of COVID-19.   We know how hard all Polar 2020 participants have worked on their campaigns and applications in order to join us, something we appreciate and value highly. Therefore we will host two events in 2021. One Polar for those forced to refrain from this year’s event, and a new Polar 2021 event for new applicants.
More information will be available on polar.fjallraven.com on Monday 30th of March

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