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Apply for Polar

Who can apply?

This is a challenging event, mostly because of the conditions. So you should have a reasonable level of fitness and be over the age of 18 and have an open and flexible mind-set.

Be comfortable on camera

Plus, we document the event for marketing purposes, so as a participant you approve that you can be filmed, photographed and interviewed both before and during the event.

Win over your country

Entry to Fjällräven Polar is by votes and jury selection and is region based. Two people from each region are selected. The first is chosen by total number of votes acquired on the Polar application portal. The second will be handpicked by the Fjällräven Polar jury.


The submission from each region with the most votes is guaranteed a spot. Fjällräven reserves the right to remove votes not linked to individually managed and personally owned Facebook accounts. Profiles on the Polar site that have frequent and numerous votes from such accounts will be removed.



Entry regions are


Nordic east
Sweden / Finland / Estonia / Latvia / Lithuania
Nordic west
Norway / Denmark / Iceland
France / Italy / Spain/ Portugal/ Greece / Turkey / Cyprus
UK/ Ireland / Belgium / Netherlands / Luxembourg
Germany / Austria/ Switzerland
Central Europe
Poland / Czech / Slovakia / Hungary / Slovenia / Croatia / Bosnia-Herzegovina / Serbia / Albania / Macedonia / Bulgaria
Korea / Japan / Taiwan, China / Hong Kong, China
Indonesia / Philippines / Malaysia / Singapore / Australia / New Zealand / Thailand / Vietnam
North America
USA / Canada
Latin America
Chile / Peru / Uruguay / Argentina / Paraguay / Colombia / Panama / Costa Rica / Ecuador / Mexico / Brazil
The World
All Other Countries

Three quick tips
for applying

Terms and condition

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