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Fjällräven Polar Application open until December 15th
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300km of Arctic wilderness. More than 100 highly skilled sled dogs
and a group of ordinary people just like you. This is Fjällräven Polar,
a journey you’ll never forget. Want in?

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Experience that lasts for life

A test of stamina, endurance and fortitude. Polar is a challenge that usually requires years of training. Find out how to apply.

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Jury's Special Picks

Every application is made with passion. But there are a few that really stand out. And they’re getting rewarded.


into a winter wonderland

A majestic snow-covered world, where survival instincts take hold and life-long memories are made. Learn what to expect.


The route


With Norway’s snow-covered mountains on all sides you begin your journey into the winter wilderness.


Now in Sweden, the epic white landscapes continue. In good weather you can see for miles. In bad weather… you can hardly see your dogs.


As you journey along an ancient Sami trade route, you start to get the hang of life on move.


You follow the Torneälven River. But you’d never know it. It lies under a thick layer of snow and ice.


Nature’s drama begins to soften and sparse forests start to dominate your view. You’re nearly there now.


Sauna and dinner await as you head to the last checkpoint at head musher Kenth Fjellborg’s Väkkärä Lodge.

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